Who we are

Operational expertise plus strong technology

The Community Journalism Project is a mission-based initiative from Lewis County Press & the makers of Workbench newspaper software.

Lewis County Press owns & operates newspapers in and around Missouri. They find and buy community paid weeklies -- which may be struggling financially. Lewis County Press helps the publication find a strong team, offers tools & support, and otherwise gets out of the way!

Lewis County Press's goal with this grant is to offer a path forward for community journalism: an alternative to the "race to the bottom" you see with many groups, or the "wait until it's too late" you see with others.

Workbench is a technology platform built from the ground up to serve local newspapers and their communities. This "newspaper-in-a-box" gives teams one intuitive tool to manage their print & digital subscribers. It works to find & grow digital engagement while giving more value to print readers.

Workbench is for publications that know print isn't dead, but "print only" isn't going to cut it anymore; any publication that wants to survive has to reach their whole community. Workbench makes it painless on all involved, especially the staff!

Reviewing applications now -- submit yours today!